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Teknodak Plastik Kalip Sanayi A.Ş. has been established with the aim of producing high quality and high performance moulds mainly for the packaging industry in February of 2011. Since then Teknodak has been serving to food, paint and chemical sectors with the high quality and high performance moulds which are suitable for IML application.


Our company is focused on the new technologies from the begining of the foundation as highlighted in its name (Teknodak-Focused on Technology). Teknodak is committed to be a customer oriented supplier that’s why integrates the new technology providing better quality, better performance and lower cost in its production system.


Our staff are very experienced, well trained and have a  good knowledge of producing injection moulds especially for the packaging industry. Our staff add value to our customers during the design phase of the new products. The company is also well equipped for the production of high quality and high performance moulds.


Teknodak serves to its customers in a wide range. For instance designing of the products that they dream in their mind, production of the moulds and any other services until the mass production. In case of customer demand Teknodak also offers turn-key projects (including injection machine-robot-mould). On the other hand we give different kind of maintenance services such as general overhaul, periodical repairments, etc.... for the moulds made by Teknodak and also other producers.



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